Saturday, 4 February 2012

Olympic Closing Ceremony Speech

Olympic Closing Ceremony is day last enjoyment and musical Ceremony.President of the Organizing Committee delivers a speech after the flag raising ceremony as. I declare the Games of the than ordinal number Olympic Winter Games closed and, in agreement with custom, I call upon the youth of the world to bring together four years from now in host city name to enjoy yourself the Games of the Olympic Games.
The Olympic Flame is put out and, while the Olympic Hymn is has fun the Olympic Flag that was raise in the opening ceremonies event is subordinate from the flagpole and carried from the arena. Olympic Closing ceremony is also known as the Antwerp Ceremony the mayor of the city that planned the Games transfers a special Olympic Flag to the head of the IOC who then bypass it on to the city next hosting the Olympic Games.
 The in receipt of mayor then waves the flag eight times. Six Olympic flags with different colors are raised all over the ground. The Antwerp flag was obtainable to the IOC at the Summer Olympics 1920by the name of the city Antwerp, Belgium. That was conceded on to the next organizing city of the Summer Olympics pending the Olympic Games 1988 in Seoul. The Oslo flag was obtainable to the IOC at the Winter Olympics games 1952 by the city of Oslo, Norway, and is deceased to the next organize city of the Olympics Games. 
The Seoul flag was obtainable to the IOC at the Summer Olympics 1988 by the city of Seoul, South Korea as a substitute for the Antwerp flag. This custom posed an exacting challenge at the Winter Olympic Games 2006 in Turin, Italy. The flag was passed from Sergio Chiamparino, the mayor of Turin, to Sam Sullivan, the mayor of Vancouver, Canada. Mayor Sullivan, who is a quadriplegic, waved the flag by investment it in one hand and fluctuation his mechanical wheelchair back and forth 8 times.  After these customary elements, the next host nations bring in itself with artistic put on show of dance and theater spokesperson of that country or city. This custom was start with the Olympic Games1976.
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