Monday, 27 February 2012

Beijing Olympic Closing Ceremony & Olympic Closing Ceremony Tickets 2012

Olympic Closing Ceremony is the day Last music and dance party in Olympic Games. Olympics closing ceremony for Olympic Games 2008 was celebrated at the Beijing National Stadium, China. Olympics closing ceremony 2008 began at 8:00 pm on August 24, 2008and was intended for by Chinese producer Zhang Yimou. 
The number 8 is connected with affluence and buoyancy by the Chinese customs. Wei Wei and Sun Nan Chinese best singers singing wo ai Beijing. In the other singers British singer Leona Lewis, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page with David Beckham making an appearance, Kwesi Edman as the cellist and Elspeth Hanson as the violinist. Andy Lau, Emil Chau, Jackie Chan, Karen Mok, Kelly Chen, Joey Yung and Nicolas Tse from Hong Kong singers show their talents. 
Wang Lee Hom was from Taiwanese American, Stefanie Sun from Singaporean and South Korean performer and artist Rain and Han Hong. Klaus Badelt wrote the music for the closing ceremonies a German musician. Olympic Closing Ceremony also incorporated the surrender of the games from Beijing to London. Guo Jinlong, the Mayor of Beijing, handed over the Olympic flag to the Mayor of London to the Boris Johnson. 
LOCOG (The London Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games) also show their performance. Lighting Designer Durham Marenghi shed light on the handover in Beijing, with lighting planned by Tim Routledge. At the same time as the opening ceremony was explain as an artistic and serious introduction of China's earliest past, the closing ceremony was explain by Western media like silly,  much more lighthearted and fun than the opening ceremony. Reporting of the Beijing Olympics in the United States By the end of the 16 days of NBC's, it had also become the mostly observed in the U.S. television event of all time, with over 211 million spectators tuned in to the Olympics on NBC as said by the Nielsen Media Research this is 2 million more than the Atlanta Games1996, the preceding record holder.

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