Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Olympic closing ceremony Introduction

Olympic Closing Ceremony is also Musical Ceremony for Olympic Games. Olympic Closing Ceremony is the last day of Olympic Games this is the final day of all the events. In difference to the opening ceremony a lot of the basics of the closing ceremony are governed more by tradition than official mandate. 
Frequently flag bearer from each contributing countries come in the stadium in single categorizer and at the back them demonstration all of the sportsperson with no division or combination by nationality. The amalgamation of the entire athlete is a custom that begin throughout the 1956 Summer Olympics at the proposal of Melbourne young man John Ian Wing his consideration it would be a method of carrying the athletes together as one unit all over the world. 
The athletes walk in with their countrymen, then dispersed and mingled as the ceremonies went on in 2006. During the Summer Olympics the honours ceremony for the men's lengthy is customarily seized throughout the closing ceremonies. Where in the curriculum this happens depends on the requirements of the systematizing commission of the respective host city. After that the athletes go into the stadium three national flags are hoisted on flagpoles one at a time while the equivalent national anthem are arranged the flag of Greece on the centre pole to honor the origin of the Olympic Games the on the left pole flag of the host country is waving and on the right pole the flag of the next hosting country of the Olympic Games.  
At the time When Olympic Games were organized in Athens, only Greek flag was raised in 2004 although two Greek flags were waving in adding up to that of Australia when the games were in Sydney the last Olympic Games. Olympic Closing Ceremony Tickets are available on the Sport Ticket Exchange. Olympic Closing Ceremony of the London Olympics 2012 will be held on 12 August 2012 in London.  All London Olympic Tickets are also available.
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