Tuesday, 27 March 2012

2008 Olympic Medal ceremony | Olympic Closing Ceremony Tickets

Olympic Closing Ceremony for London Olympic Games starting 12 August 2012 in Olympic Stadium London.
The final presentation of the men's marathon medals, including the national anthem of Kenya for a number of EE Mungu Nguvu gold medalists Samuel Wanjiru. The presentation of flowers is presented by twelve volunteers from the newly elected representatives of the IOC Commission boxers.

Samuel Wanjiru won the gold medal this time, he was very excited when he rose in the first place with three flags, and including flags grew up in Kenya's capital, as the national anthem of Kenya was played. 
Then twelve children by twelve volunteer, go to gate 2 in the platform. The heads of four children, four new members to the IOC athletes' commission to go along with four people from gate 1 of the main stage.

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