Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Annie McConville in 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony

Olympic Closing Ceremony dancer Falmouth Young Girl dancer can be Chance for joy when they selected for the Olympic closing ceremony of the Olympic Games this summer to perform Annie McConville, 20, appeared before the world's billions, if he comes on stage to close the London 2012 Olympic Games 12 August. 
It shows the beginning of the month, Annie, who was only 19 days of 21 years old. Annie said: This is my first real job dancing, it is voluntary, but it is the first successful experiment, I'm just very, very happy Rehearsals are weekly, left with a friend in London a week the past few months runs from the closing ceremony of Annie, when she try to do everything the other day: She is a member of a group of over 200 artists who perform first, and take about 1,000 young dancers at the ceremony. 
Annie full support of his proud mother, Sarah, his sister and his grandparents, Jean and John Fletcher, Penryn, his dance career so far been financed Former dance Truro High School students began at the age of three and Falmouth Lynn Paula dancing visited the school, since he was ten. She has just graduated from the University of Chichester's degree in dance at a 2:1 ratio. Annie wants to become a professional dancer and has waited books about Disneyland Paris and on the call. She is also the appeal of the vessels; the choreography was about five years.

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