Wednesday, 23 May 2012

1996 Summer Olympic Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony of the Summer Olympic Games 1996 was held on 4 August 1996 at the Centennial Olympic Stadium in Atlanta, the United States at about 8:00, EDT.
 It was produced by Don Mischer. The closing ceremony began after the 26th Olympic Games Countdown in tribute to all the previous Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta with the orchestra by John Williams, LED charging Heroes: The R & B group Boyz II Men sing Star Spangled years. The presentation of the medals in the men's marathon In contrast to the previous day's closing ceremony, the last lap of the race took place earlier in the morning, instead of directly in front of or in parts, hot weather conditions, the gala day. 

Josiah Thugwane of South Africa, Lee Bong-Ju, South Korea and Morocco Erick Wainaina won the gold, silver and bronze medals, respectively. Spectators and athletes are the roads on the map stunt that made the laurel wreath of leaves, like a quilt pattern revealed. Due to the members of the Morehouse College Glee Club will be faster, higher and stronger. The Cuban singer Gloria Estefan joins the glee club, and they have access to one of the official song of the songs in the Olympic Games in Atlanta. Next, a plethora of BMX bikers and skaters and skateboarders in a daring stunt shows, all sports are very popular in the United States. 
This concludes that the flags of 197 countries were in the stadium, the participation of athletes in each of the respective countries. The song the sacred truce, exclusively in connection with the implementation of the Olympic Games in Atlanta and the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra, written in accordance with the tradition of the Olympic Games 1920, the United States flag rose beside the Olympic flag, the stadium flew 16 days.

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