Sunday, 29 April 2012

Closing Ceremony of 2004 Olympic Games

Olympic Closing Ceremony for The Games were on 29 August 2004 were sent to the closing ceremony of the Olympic Stadium in Athens, where the Games were opened 16 days earlier. 
In that Event of Olympic Games almost 70,000 people gathered in the stadium to watch the ceremony. The first part of the ceremony, interspersed PERFORMANCES features various Greek singers and traditional Greek dance performances from various regions of Greece, Crete, the Pontos and Thessaly, and so the event was to see the pride of the Greek culture and country that the world should be emphasized. 
An important part of the graduation ceremony was the exchange between the mayors of the Olympic flag to the Antwerp Games, the mayor of Athens and Beijing Olympic Games will take place next after the flag exchange a presentation of the taste of Chinese culture in Beijing for the world to see. 
University students in Beijing, which was mistakenly referred to as the Twelve Girls Band sang Mo Li Hua and held the final ceremony for the Olympic Games men's marathon, with Stefano Baldini from Italy as a winner.

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